Here's the interactive map of Haneda Keikyu Train. Hope this map will help traveller around the world who want to visit this beautifull Japan country from Haneda Airport.

Just click to the dot to know how much price it will cost you.

Ticket Machine simulator also already been added to learn how to buy ticket. Just click the Ticket Machine button to start the simulation. The machine simulate that we plan to buy ticket to Shinagawa station with the cost of 410 yen. Please try and have fun.

Tips: If you want to go to Shinagawa station, try to board express train. It will get there faster. It has a plane logo shown at information board.
The last train from Haneda on weekdays is at 00:01 and on weekend 00:02. The first train will be at 05:26.

After Arriving in Shinagawa station, you might want to use Yamanote Line to go to popular place like Shibuya, Shinjuku, Harajuku, or Akihabara. You can use this Yamanote Train Map here.

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